PC Game Banished Walkthrough 2020

banished 2020 pc game

Banished is a PC game of balance. You need to strive for your village to survive through many risks like starvation, cold and more. What makes Banished PC game, special is it is mostly focused on micro-economy in which you are not sure how much the consumption and production rates are.

First, you start with a village comprised of 20 persons. These persons are the exiled people from their home-lands with some commodity and food.

According to the hardness level, which is a selectable criterion, you get only a cart when you play hard with a few food and other materials. When you select to start easier, you start with more resources and animal pasture.

Also, there is an option for weather harshness. If you rely on your skillset, I advise you should start with the hardest level with mild weather.

The survivers or the exiled people need some privacy for baby-making. When you build up houses, you satisfy this privacy need and your population grows. There should be always a balance between the population and food production. Also, the over-elder population is a problem since you can’t go on with a diminishing population/headcount.

What I most like from the Banished is this that creating a momentum of balance. What I mostly dislike, frankly, the more you play the more opportunities you get, like more man-power to tame the lands and a whole town.

Before I start the walkthrough I would like to share the origin URL of the game. You can buy the game from Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/242920/Banished/

Starting the Game Banished

Now, we are ready to play… First, go to create a new map in your dashboard and create a new map. Bear in mind that, please dis-allow the disasters since there is a bug for the time being at the disasters. When a fire starts, all civilians stop everything and starve to death.

banished tutorial

Now, open your dialogs like how many workers assigned to what tasks or the map overview.

banished tutorial

See, I am stuck in a small mainland amid two lakes so it is an unfortunate start. Unfortunately, the places are low in trees which will lead to less yield of onions and other gathered food.

banished tutorial

I’ve put a hunters nest on a large terrain, i.e., mainland… I will seed trees at this location in the future to increase the output of hunters nest and gatherers headquarter.

Stone and of course, wood should be in priority at this stage of the game for you.

banished tutorial

I’ve placed a forester near the hunter’s lodge… Hunters don’t get affected too much of the tree presence but the gatherer’s hut needs more trees to effectively collect the small plants.

banished tutorial

See, to the north of the map where I found trees, I’ve put a gatherer’s hut and a storage barn near, to make it easier to stock the plants in the stock. The plants or other items don’t fit into the barn and they don’t get rotten.

banished tutorial

Please collect meanwhile chopping down the trees the other stones at the area and for the blacksmith have some iron at the stock.

  • Tree
  • Stone
  • Iron

is our priority queue.

The order of the buildings is built is like…

  • The common house
  • Gatherer’s and hunter’s lodge
  • Tree planter and cutter
  • Some storage barns around
  • The woodcutter to alleviate the winter
  • The blacksmith

Now, when you see an increase in the food output, place homes for more population. Since you will need more manpower please grow your settlement wisely.

I’ve got an increase in food so I put some houses to increase the population. Banished people need some privacy to make babies.

banished tutorial

Now, with observing your food yield please decide how many houses you will set up or how many new gatherer’s huts will be ok. The most effective factor against the starvation is the gatherer’s hut at the early games… Later on, we continue to the tutorial I will show you increasing fields for farming to balance the consumption and production.

I placed one more tree planter to the south-west of the map… At the future, these areas will be used for plant-collecting. I am now creating a vast area for plant-collection as depicted.

banished tutorial

The tree-cutters are a good solution if you want to increase your stocks not only trees but both iron and stone. They clear the area from all other kinds of commodities…

The hunter’s lodge also, renders leather, a valuable trading item when you build a trading post. Its charging is 10 dollars per item.

Increasing the food yield… See how I put a fishing dock to the conjunction of small flow and main river to maximize the fished.

banished tutorial

I’ve put a chapel to yield more happiness per citizen. They like praying.

banished tutorial

As you can see I’ve created a vast area for plantlings… I’ve also put a herbalist to increase the health of the citizens… They all required more woods to run effectively. What I did here, is to find a large terrain to plant more woods.

banished tutorial

As you can see below, I quit collecting plantlings at this location since it is more close to the common home and other houses. What makes me dare is a huge ratio of stockpiles of food.

banished tutorial

You see I’ve put three pastures. I will fill in only one of them. The pastures might catch an illness from the animals within. So in case of an epidemic, I will move one pasture content to the another.

banished tutorial

We will be ending this tutorial now… We don’t have any major information to share (or trick) about the game for the time being… Bear in mind, you should place homes to the farms and producing structures more closely to diminish the walking distance.

Banished PC Game is a game of balance and tranquility. I find myself many times when listening to the ambiance music and building my settlement quietly… It is really a gadget to chill out.