Bloggers Nest Discord Group: A Blogger Community

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The Blogger Nest group is meant for discussing articles of other bloggers’ posts. The members send their articles for review of the other members again.

I was once upon using Linkedin to get feedback about my writing style and articles but because of the strict rules at the group I was kicked.

So I started a Discord group called Bloggers Nest. Go into the link to become a member:

This way, other people, shed light upon your articles by giving you feedback about your style and your unique point of view… Your ideas this time is tested by others.

I like to receive feedback since blogging is not a solo hobby. You write and somebody out there consumes your content. It should be looking good.

Other members can be your second eye on your blog posts. They can increase your writing capabilities by criticizing from different angles. A man can’t see himself without a mirror.

I set the link never expires so as long as this post stays here, it will draw attention and new members…

I hope this will be a new path amid bloggers all around the world and don’t forget to be gentle when commenting! The more the community grows bigger, the more you have a chance to meet with other bloggers worldwide.

Community rules:

  • One post at a time
  • The post or comment you made should include a definition briefly and the link to your blog
  • No nudity, medicine blogs are allowed
  • Be respectful to others and don’t discriminate

Special Note:

Please just don’t write, “hello” when you pop into the group. Drop your email or phone, since, at the community, Discord doesn’t have many features to let you know when you get a new message. You can also drop your blog URL.