How Do You Know If Someone Blocked You on Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram, and Facebook?

At this post, I will be mentioning about understanding some clues to discover if someone blocked you on Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, and Instagram.

How to Understand You Got Blocked on Telegram?

The one way of understanding you are blocked by somebody else in Telegram is looking at the last online date of your contact. If it is “seen a long time ago” then most probably you are blocked. If the contact does not have any access to Telegram or the Internet these are the options too but who doesn’t have the Internet in this era?

How to Understand You Got Blocked in Telegram?

How to Understand You Got Blocked on Facebook?

To understand you got blocked on Facebook is to check conversations with this person. If you are unable to send a message you are probably blocked or the contact has frozen its account. See, at the picture depicted below the contact has no specific profile image.

How to Understand You Got Blocked on Whatsapp?

In Whatsapp messenger, if you got blocked by an account, you can’t see his/her last online date, status update, and profile image but just only the last phone number you edited.

How to Understand You Got Blocked on Instagram?

To understand you have been blocked by a user on Instagram, please look at the respective profile. If the profile you see is somehow half loaded, there is no label like “private account it is” or you are unable to follow.