Future Strategies for ISP and Telco Companies

The World is changing rapidly in terms of technology. In the past decade, we frequently talked about the convergence between information and communication technologies (IT/CT) in the way of birth of a new concept: Information and communication technologies (ICT). Nowadays, we are witnessing that IT has taken down the CT rather than converging.  IP based telecommunication systems transformed the traditional communication systems to software-based systems. The same things happened to the core network infrastructure. Network function virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networks (SDN) changed the classical network management methods.


With these huge changes in the sector, content delivery has become more important than ever because of changing customer needs. For example, Whatsapp changed the communications habits of the people. The values of the companies providing the content have doubled the values of the communication companies and Internet Service Providers.

In the near future, internet access fees will probably be free. Telco companies will only become backbone providers. So what should be done to live in this tremendously changing era? Here are the solutions;

  • Everything, from our pictures, our videos, to the songs we listened to, began to move to the digital environment. Give free optimal cloud spaces to your customers.  (for loyalty and retention).
  • Do you know the market value of Whatsapp, Google, or Facebook? Invest in content providing (roads are free but cars are not).  
  • Develop IoT solutions especially narrowband IoT (Narrowband IoT applications will constitute approximately 75% of IoT). IoT will take great importance in the near future especially after establishing 5G infrastructure.
  • Education/working/gaming traditions are also changing. Focus on augmented reality and virtual reality (the world will not be the same in the near feature).
  • Customer retention has a bigger importance over gaining new ones. Use Big Data, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Data Mining! (You have to spy on what customers are doing.)
  • For infrastructure, be aware of edge computing (your customers are going to demand more and more bandwidth due to 5G. So You cannot cope with this demand by using just the backbones/backhauls)
  • Most importantly, have the right human capital that is aware of all these situations (All of these things will be done by human).
  • Finally, hurry up! Because time is passing not linear but exponentially

Otherwise?! You will dramatically fall down in the near future (maybe in ten years). Good luck!

Electrical&Electronics Eng. (BSc)
Computer Eng. (MSc, Ph.D.)
June 2020