Newest Banished Tutorial of 2021

Hi there, I have been playing Banished I guess for 2-3 years and I want to prepare a tutorial about Banished to make things easier.

You know that observation in Banished is critical and you can learn on your own. If you don’t want to annihilate the surprise, please don’t read this post.

  • The fisherman’s lodge is very effective with 4 workers. I don’t know why I have gathered less food, dramatically, with 3 or 2 workers but this one is my most honest observation.
  • At the early game, gather with the gatherer’s hut. 2 gatherer’s hut will save you until the population comprised of 20-30 natives.
  • Gatherer’s hut works really fine in dense woods.
  • I saw the gatherer’s hut really has high potential.
  • Bear in mind, collecting wood is always a hard tussle. Try to build a forester lodge, if okay, increase its count to 2 until the population is 40-50 and your production queue is full of new buildings.
  • Wood is not only used in building buildings but also for producing firewood and your settlement will have constant demand.
  • Banished makes me feel relaxed because of the sound in the background and there is no war and sudden changes. You see all the nature.
  • Please make your hardness level the highest because, at the late game, the game loses its momentum. High counts of heads will make everything easier. What is charming is making 0 the 1. Making 50 to 100 is always boring.
  • Please shut down the disaster mode when initiating the game. There has been a bug there. The disasters stop but the settlers stop working, I don’t know why.
  • When you give an order, please make it atomic, i.e.little, one by one. Don’t let the villagers build 2 fisherman posts at the same time. This way you gain fast results.
  • Build homes near the farms. For sure, that makes the villagers far away from the market but, it will increase your yields. I saw great benefit from decreasing the walking times.
  • In the late game, you will need farming, so exchange farming seeds from the merchant’s post. They can feed your population. Gatherer’s hut is already a great source but farms don’t need woods or lesser terrains comprised of stone/iron. I would suggest attaching 1 person as a worker to the 6X6 farm.

I will update this post the more I play.

Thanks for your time and enjoy the game.