Hi there, I would like to introduce my experiences with Sid Meier Civilization 5 and give you some tips and tricks. I would like to, also, update this post with my new ideas I get whilst playing.

Civ 5 is a great game. There are many concepts like religion, war, diplomacy. You need to build a balanced approach towards your opponents and of course at the whole game.

As much as any other strategy game, at Civ 5 when you become a big power, other opponents will target you, they will take revenge you. To this point it is still full of enjoyment for whom likes the strategy games.

When you enter the world of Civ 5, you can learn the game intuitively. AFA I experienced, Paradox’s games a little bit more complex and hard to grasp or Civ 5 has become my habit.

As a compact list I can say:

  • The barbarian ships don’t destroy your fishing boats
  • The more you settle and expand the more the risk of getting an attack from artificial intelligence.
  • You should learn tech tree, so you can point a tech which contains a world wonder. The wonders make your civilization great.
  • Leading a civilization requires too much micromanagement if you playing at harder levels. Be cautious about the build orders, what your workers implement etc.
  • In the early games, I would prefer tradition as a culture over liberty or honor. Meanwhile, other social policies have some benefits, at first times you can’t find an opportunity to train a settler and expand. Selecting the traditional culture tree makes your civilization’s first 4 cities a great advantage. It automatically builds monuments in these 4 cities.
  • If you are in a desert, build the Petra wonder. It will convert the desert tiles into a production facility.
  • Whatever civilization you take, there is the same chance to win.
  • The more you play, please increase the hardness level but I wouldn’t go beyond the “King” since there is a high bias to artificial intelligence.
  • Micromanage your decisions on build order, wonder construction, training soldiers. Bear in mind you should attach some priorities to these concepts.
  • By the way, Civ 6 is out. Go to the link.
  • Religion is important in some aspects but it is your own decision.
  • There is no way you can be stopped with a large single capital city. The more population in it, the more it produces the units.
  • I’d generally prefer, start small and after the artillery power is found, attack the opponents. You won’t like a strong opponent. Don’t feel hesitant.
  • The war AI isn’t really good. You can defeat it with brute force, I mean constant production.
  • See your cities specialized in single or multiple aims. Don’t break this rule. Some cities are near to the iron deposits so you can build a forge and train more soldiers.
  • At the early games, the opponents’ cities’ defense power is amid 10-15. Easy to capture but don’t go further. Others will be an enemy of you.
  • All the players are potential enemies. They are struggling for power as much as you.

Expansion Packs

The packs below will add more spice to your game experience. Both the bundles and the original game doesn’t cost much in the Steam Platform. Since I bought 2 of them I don’t know the classic Civ 5’s features without them. By the way since the maps are generated automically and I am really glad with it, I don’t need a new map pack.

  • Brave New World
  • Gods And Kings

Play Game: https://store.steampowered.com/app/8930/Sid_Meiers_Civilization_V/