Some Pieces of Advice For a Better Blog

create a successful blog

Sometimes it is a big tussle to explain how your blog looks for outsiders. Your blog can contain typos or miss the submit point that reveals your very real message. As a blogger, I always need a mirror to criticize my blog maybe even judge my blog so for this reason, I built a Discord chat group to talk about our blogs. This post, generally speaking, targets WordPress users. WordPress makes you build your blog tussle-free.

Talking about the blogs can increase your traffic or even your comment counts. Since Google loves to index an active site, the possible comments from the group members will affect your blog in a positive manner.

Rule of thumbs include in the Discord group:

  • Be respectful to other community members.
  • Make an introduction about yourself.
  • You can always talk about any other topic. We are not just bloggers but friends.

The head-count is increasing one by one but I guess this will be the start of a great thing. The friends at the group are located in different places in the world. In the long term, if we can get along the group won’t only guide your blogging style but also we can gather meetings in a foreign country.

We will support our blogs and also at any means, in good day, in bad days.

How To Write A Better Blog

You can write in technical topics, you can write in general topics like your observations in life, advice to others, or create your very unique style that reflects your character. Blogging is all about dreaming power. Meanwhile, technical topics draw less traffic, it is your own call to choose it.

  1. Don’t use too long content but divide the content with headings.
  2. Use Grammarly for typo-zero style. You can use the Google Chrome plugin.
  3. Also don’t write too little content. Your inner world should pour into the blog.
  4. If you really want to monetize your blog with Google Adsense, you should write on not technical topics but more general ones: Cooking, travel, literature, etc.
  5. Use Fastcomet’s WordPress to create the website rapidly. I am really glad to use it, it is really affordable. They have 7/24 chat support for your necessities.
  6. Again if you want to monetize your blog use tools like Google Keywords Planner or Semrush. Semrush has got basic functionalities without any charge. Google Keyword Planner enables you to see the volume of the possible words.
  7. Be honest and friendly without jeopardizing your impressions in your real life.
  8. Put year on your title, like Best Cooking Advices of 2021. This method draws many viewers. The viewers look for the most updated content.
  9. Try to stay in line with 500 words minimum.
  10. And select an interesting royalty-free picture from Pixabay as a featured image.

After-Math of Having A Blog

You will have an impression publicly. Your circles will enlarge with your fans or followers. You can earn money from your blog.

Thanks for your interest and have a nice blog!