I wrote about as a blog owner how to promote, monetize your blog and enlarge your audience. WordPress is coined when you talk about blogging.

Which one is Better, Blogging or Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is great when you sell a product on Amazon. Meanwhile, content marketing leads to more sold-outs. When you do affiliate marketing you will need content and backlinks. I don’t suggest backlink buying since I saw many sites which have millions of artificial backlinks but zero domain power.

You can apply there to send your posts for affiliate linking: The content marketing platform.

The link you see is not only for startup marketing. Also, you can send your posts about your products on Amazon. Don’t forget, honest content generation is equal to one million bad backlinks.

How to Start Earning From Affiliate Marketing on Blogs?

You can create a custom marketing tool. Go ahead and register: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/

Start A Blog On Your Own Domain

I don’t suggest subdomains like cheryl.tumblr.com or cheryl.wordpress.com. This looks pretty bad. I would suggest you a hosting firm that you can buy your own custom domain like cheryl.com.

At the time being, I didn’t see any free blogs. Blog site requires money like 2-3 dollars per month minimum.

Fastcomet offers a single package for all your necessities. Within a single pack, you get the domain and your hosting bundle with a single yearly subscription. But… What are they?

Domain: It is pretty a URL on the browser. The infrastructures make it possible to attach your English domain name with an IP. In the background, your domain name is based on IP but you don’t see it.

Hosting: Hosting makes your content servable to other people all over the internet. The WordPress or other content management tools resides in the server. Meanwhile, the domain belongs to you intellectually, the content is in the servers of others. I am not sure about your legal rights on that content.

How much did Google AdSense pay for Bloggers?

I have once nominated for Google Adsense. There was 30 000 monthly traffic to my site. My friends are also saying that approximately 25k-30k monthly traffic will make you earn from Adsense. Adsense offers different currency types to different countries. Bear in mind, the traffic is not the only factor but also the retention of readers at the site to monetize your blog.

Please bear in mind that you should do search engine optimization to get more money from Adsense. Blog platform like WordPress, for me, always looks more promising than Google Blogspot or Tumblr.

My friends who take 30k traffic per month to their blogs earn 400 Turkish lire per month approximately. If you are located in the US, this might be slightly different. I don’t mean you get 400 dollars, what I mean I am not sure about the situation in foreign countries.

You can also buy content from Fiverr: www.fiverr.com

A small note: If your sites take regular traffic, please put Flag Counter to show the visitors how your site takes so much traffic. You will need an HTML widget for this. It is freemium.

About Blog Content and Perspective of Readers

Your blog content should be unique and well-researched. People who read blogs do really read blogs. They want to learn from you, your very perspective, your observations, your tips on life. You should keep reading to find your next influence point and feed your knowledge.

Which is The Premium WordPress Theme for Blogs?

I personally use this for the blog: https://themeforest.net/item/cloudy-town-clean-minimal-blog-theme/15705023 I really like its simplicity and has self-talking design.

This URL is for the image-free blog design. Here we go: https://themeforest.net/item/typology-text-based-minimal-wordpress-blog-theme/19547842

And this one looks like a more magazine: https://themeforest.net/item/writing-blog-personal-blog/11547928. I like this theme’s content layout alignment. You can do it like an nX3 matrix. In the blog of mine, I’d rather prefer in-line flow. I mean step by step. It is not an important topic at all! Just be sure you have enough posts at your landing page like 10 or 20.

Don’t forget, I am not offering you a gym theme. These themes are well suited for content-oriented personal blogs like travel blogs, cooking blogs, programming blogs.

How to Create a Blog?

Set up a blog is as easy as registering at www.fastcomet.com. At first, times, start with the smallest billing package. The package also includes a single domain name and hosting so it is easier to start. I will teach you to install WordPress.

Go to CPanel. You see, there is CP abbreviation for it.

how to install wordpress

When you enter CPanel with your master password. Search at the box, WordPress. Under software tab, click the WordPress Manager by Softaculous.

how to install wordpress

Click on install.

how to install wordpress