In this post, I will answer most queried WordPress searches of the internet in a simple way. I collected WordPress questions and answers in a single source so you can easily grab the points from one location.

By the way WordPress is regularly updated.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System). Instead of coding the site on your own with much professional prior knowledge you use ready templates to build up your site. It won’t take to inspect and understand a WordPress site generally long. WordPress is highly customizable with themes and plugins.

WordPress is open software. It is comprised of posts and pages. A page is another URL with a page feature meanwhile your posts are just a list. WordPress loops in a loop to show your posts meanwhile a page is more a standalone component.

When the first version of WordPress was published it was in 2003. Since then it really got more beautiful and more stable.

What makes WordPress awesome, it creates an environment that you can write in your own space on the internet. You reveal your feelings and ideas to the world. Sometimes they are interesting sometimes not much needed. For those who really keen on writing paragraphs or share knowledge this kind of thing does really matter.

Also, installing JetPack plugin allows you to follow other bloggers.

Some Web Host Firms for WordPress

  • Bluehost
  • Fastcomet
  • Godaddy

Website or Blog?

Websites require a digital agency to be programmed meanwhile WordPress, you can learn it on your own and fire your blog in no time. This choice question arises when you ask to yourself, am I starting a brand new startup or just share my ideas in a free WordPress installation.

Meanwhile, WordPress itself is free, themes and hostings cost you. WordPress hostings are way cheaper than custom website hosting in a virtual private server like Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure.

Some Scenarios

  • A social network… In this case, you need to create a unique look and feel with serving your site in a custom hosting environment.
  • A traveling Blog… WordPress is okay
  • A cooking Blog… WordPress is okay again.
  • A programming blog… WordPress is okay again.
  • A custom startup… In this case, I’d rather prefer custom programming like how software developers do.

This site runs also WordPress.

How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress for Beginners

  1. Go to plugins.
  2. Click add new button.
  3. Search for “insert headers and footers”
  4. Install the plugin named “Insert Headers and Footers”
  5. Now you are set to go, go to settings on the left-hand side.
  6. Click Insert Headers and Footers plugin
  7. Copy and paste your Google Analytics Javascript code.

These steps may be a tussle for you when you think of Google interfaces constantly changes. For further assistance I am depicting a picture here.

insert javascript to wordpress
Write the query to the search bar

Does WordPress have Google Analytics?

This kind of question arises naturally when you want a default plugin for WordPress integrating to Google Analytics but the short answer, NO. Generally, WordPress fans deal with it with extra plugins like inserting headers or using JetPack.

Best WordPress Hosting of 2021

I use FastComet. Check out via: They have affordable prices meanwhile having a 7/24 assistance. Recently they refunded an accidental shopping at their sites so I can say they behave transparent.

How to Make A WordPress Site?

  1. First, buy a theme from ThemeForest. Themes are generally around 50 dollars. There we go:
  2. Filter only WordPress items.
  3. Do really buy the item you really like.
  4. From the downloads section, install WordPress installable only.
download wordpress theme from themeforest
Look at the second option at the dropdown menu

5. Go you your wp-admin and install the template as you downloaded the zip.

Okay, generally speaking I didn’t buy any exlusive options or extra support but if you think you take use of them, you can go on.

How to Discourage Search Engines to Index My Site

Go to:

  • Settings
  • Click on Reading
  • Look at the item at the bottom.
discourage search engines from indexing my site

Well, I don’t recommend this since your traffic source will be organic research but in some instances, people really choose this option.

What Are the Ways to Add Event Tracking in WordPress?

I would suggest Google Analytics with along JetPack. Google JetPack now. JetPack offers detailed statistics although lesser than Google Analytic’s complexity. JetPack also takes the daily back-ups with affordable paid plans.

Contact Forms

I use Contact Form 7, here we go: Contact Form 7. After designing your contact form add a shortcode to your page or post. I’d rather go for page. Generally, users want another special place for contact.

WordPress Themes

I’d rather use themes in ThemeForest. There you go This tab shows you the most popular themes. You can find WordPress plugins there as well as the themes. Themeforest is an online store that solves your theme issues. The themes are generally about 50 dollars.

WordPress Stats (Statistics) are not Working

Yes, I stumbled upon this while playing with the plugins. Somehow after deactivating the Complianz plugin it started to work properly. This finding took me 2 days of research on the web and also lack of proper record.

Don’t just deactivate, delete the problematic plugin. I am not against Complianz plugin however I saw some other links on the web with the same complaint. The time I report this problem is 24.04.2021.