Forget CPC and Adwords with enough content!

You can apply for your startup getting content-marketing at this site for free. The posts, preferably, should be at least 500 amounts of words. What these do mean? These mean that you can generate and share content about your startup to get more organic traffic and leads. As soon as you fill the form below, we will get in touch with you.

Content marketing is one of the most essential marketing techniques worldwide, boosting up your traffic. All the content isn’t it? Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter… Why don’t you share content at a centralized hub for startups? This will lead to an increase in organic traffic, later on, the more conversion or increased amount of leads acquired through search engines like Google, Bing or Yandex.

The startup promotion works when you send your post to us. We publish it for better startup promotion on search engines and more exposure. We might tweak the post for better keyword alignment with Google or Yandex.

Driving traffic for B2C businesses through search engine channels or via backlinking is really important. If you publish a post with correct words and the more you yield content at the content matters, this will gradually affect your B2C business’s revenues.

If you can’t get conversions by the organic traffic, think a better way to get a startup promotion. Patience is the solution when getting ranked at the search engines. I am not a buyer but a publisher of your content.

Since the more content will yield with the time, the articles will draw more traffic.

This service, i.e. SEO post, is free of charge and the content is added to the site perpetually for a startup promotion.

As well as startups, you can send content about a(n)

  • Steam game
  • Android/IOS store application
  • Any software related project
  • Digital agency
  • Failed or acquired startups
  • Freelancing
  • A Fiverr gig
  • A published softcopy or hardcopy book
  • A Discord page
  • A niche business

What We Don’t Host?

Mainstream businesses.

Like restaurants, deli shops


  • Please check your spam folder for the response.
  • The content you will be sending is a natural blog post with links in it… Not a solemn link to your site or promotional, repetitive material… As you can guess, people like to read posts which sounds like more a blog post.
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